Etiquette North Dallas is pleased to present: COTILLION NORTH DALLAS
    Kotil-yon. 1766 ad. French - The name of several dances, chiefly of French origin, consisting of a variety of steps.

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Our Cotillion program offers an extended version of our etiquette classes combined with dance instruction to offer middle school age participants useful information as they move into the more social years of their lives.  Preparation equals confidence and our sessions are designed to create self confidence in all social situations. The programs I teach are always informative, valuable, and of course entertaining. I believe it is critical to engage the participants in my program.  I find that if participants not only learn something, but also have fun at the same time, the benefits will be contagious.  My programs encourage excellence from the very first impression. 

Please contact me directly for more information on bringing this wonderful program to your school or organization!

Etiquette Lessons

Week I:First Impressions
Week II:Introductions
Week III:Grooming and Appearance
Week IV:Social Skills
Week V:Table Manners (Part 1)
Week VI:Table Manners (Part 2)
Week VII:Dinner and Dance

Dance Lessons

Etiquette Saint Louis partners with professional dance instructors to introduce traditional and current dances including the waltz, the salsa, swing dancing, and current line dances. Each child will receive a graduation certificate upon successful completion of the Cotillion.


"Respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our manners."  Laurence Stern

Beat the heat by going to the movies...just be respectful to everyone else while you are there!

Movie Theatre Etiquette on KERA

Calling Cards, not to be confused with business cards, are well thought out representations of the individual with contact information provided.  Calling cards became popular with the afternoon tea party goers but are now seeing a come back to people as way of making it clear that the contact information is offered in a purely social manner and no business is intended.

Those who might use calling cards would be: retirees, stay at home moms/dads, those with young children (i.e. when dropping your child off at a party, provide the card with your contact info)

For more information, here is a fantastic article:  Calling Cards in the 21st Century

I spoke with Katherine Clausen, co-owner of Your Empowered Solutions, for 3 tips to get great results in a short amount of time (during a 30 sec commercial).

1.  Identify a problem only you have the solution for.

2.  Always be very clear in specifically who you would like to be introduced to (specific industry or profession).

3.  Tell the "what" not the "how" of your business.

Follow these tips and always remember that networking is about helping others, not loading up your e-mail distribution list.  Learn more about Katherine at Your Empowered Solutions.




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